Who’s originator of cricket. When was the first match played in cricket, who won the first toss and match.

Who’s originator of cricket. When was the first match played in cricket, who won the first toss and match.

England’s is regarded as a originator of cricket. It was a rich sports as first, but later it becomes popular all over the world     because of the growing taste of the comman man. Today, we are informing         you of the fact then when the first St test match was played. Who took the first wicket and what was the last wicket?

1. First Cricket Match

The first match of test cricket history was played in Melbourne between Australia and England on the 15 -19 march 1877. While the first one – day match in the world was played in Melbourne on 5 January 1971 between England and Australia.

The first T20 match was played between Australia and New Zealand on  17th   February 2005.

2. Who  won the First toss and First match?

  • Australia won the first toss in cricket and then did fielding. England played just 190     and Australia lost 5 wicket and won the  first one in 191. The match was of 40 overs.  Australia won the First cricket toss and had   scored 245 runs in the first innings and 104 runs in the second innings. England had a target 154 runs in the second innings, but it was 108 runs out, thus Australia won the world first test match.

  • First win in 2007 also hit the of Australia. 2003 Australia hit by New Zealand by the 44 run in the first T20 match. Australia is thus the only team in the world that had won the first test match, the first one- day and the First T – 20 match.

3. Who is the earliest century?

  1. Charles Bannerman of Australia had got a pride of scoring in the First century in fist test cricket match. He had completed      this point by playing 165 runs in the test.
  2. Dennis Amis had made is debit on one-day cricket.  Amis score 103 runs by scoring his first century of one day cricket in 1972 against Australia.
  3. The first century in  T- 20 cricket was drawn by Chris Gayle of West Indies against South Africa in 2007.

4 .Who is the playing first ball, first run, first wicket, first wide, first 5 wickets?

In 1877 Alfred show thrown Charles Bannerman playing the first test ball.            In England Alen hill took the first test          wicket and the first catch. The first            stamping was done by the Blackhawks        of England. Australia market the first          square of test cricket. Valid input filter    Midwistor  took 5 wicket in test cricket      for the first time.




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