Indian Premier League History, Fact, Winners, Team List, and all information about IPL

Indian premier league (IPL) is the world ‘s largest home cricket league The 13th season of the 20 -20 league will start on 29th March when the best cricketers in the world will unite to play under one team regardless of their identity for their country. All eight teams from IPL have developed a strong competition during the last 12 sessions.

The Indian premier league history,

the BCCI (board of control for cricket in India) announced the start of the Indian premier league in 2007 and it was started only a year after the announcement.

Indian premier league franchise

A few months after announcing the league, the franchisee sold in 2008, was sold to the franchisee of the league. In an auction bid to get the franchisee of the team, those who had bid more had found the franchisee of the teams. In this way bangalore, chennai, Delhi and hyderabad were the owners of jaipur and kolkata and mumbai with their owners.

IPL related information

When the IPL was          13 September 2007  announced                                               

Join team in IPL

Team are currently participating in the league and eight teams have been bought by the business and actresses of our country.

When for the first time ipl had started, eight teams had participated in it. But now some of these eight teams have been replaced by new teams.

The team and its involvement in the Indian premier league for the year 2018.

Delhi Daredevils

Team name              Delhi daredevils

Team captain            Shreyas Aiyar

In which year             2008                          Dave’s

domestic ground       Firoz shah  kotla                                                    ground

How many times                0                            this won league

which state or city       Delhi                                team

Official website    

Kolkata knight Riders

Team name            kolkata knight riders

team captain         Dinesh kartik

In which year         2008

Domestic ground     Eden garden

won this league      Two times  (2012, 2014)

which state or city     team kolkata, west                                               Bengal

official website

Chennai Super kings

Team Name               Chennai super Kings

Team captain          Mahendra Singh Dhoni

In which year         2008                                       deb

Domestic field            The chidambaram                                             stadium/maharashtra                                           cricket association                                             stadium

Win these leagues     Three times(2010,                                                 2011, 2018)

which state or city.      Chennai

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Team name              Royal challengers                                                bangalore

Team captain            Virat kohli

In which year.           2008                                    Dew

Domestic ground    M Chinnaswamy                                                   stadium

Won this league         Not once

from which state    Team bangalore,                  or  city                      karnataka

official website

Mumbai Indians Team.

Team name         Mumbai indians

Team captain       Rohit sharma

in what year        2008

Domestic ground    Wankhde stadium

Won this league    Four times, 2013, 2015                                       2017  and 2019

from which state    team mumbai,                          or city                  maharashtra

official website      Mumbai

Rajasthan Royals

The Team Name    Rajasthan royals

Captain          Stiven Smith

How many        2008                                  times  debu

Domestic ground     Sawame man singh                                            stadium

won this league         once, 2008

from which state     Team Jaipur,                        or city                       Rajasthan

official website

Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Team name          Sunrisers Hyderabad

Captain               Ken Williamson

how many           2013                                           times debeu

Domestic ground      Rajiv Gandhi                                                      International cricket                                            Stadium.

Howw to won                                                  this league              This league once wins                                        league year 2016

from which state     Team hyderabad,                or city                       Telangana

official website

Kings Eleven Punjab

Team name              kxip.

Captain                 Ravichandra  Aswin

punjab team Debu     2008

Domestic ground    Pca stadium/holkar                                           Stadium

won this league      0

from which state    team mohali, punjab           or city

official website

Format of the IPL match.

Each team participating in the IPL has to play two matches with the other team and the team coming up with the top four Numbers. They qualify the playoffs.

The playoffs have the competition between the two teams on the top nonce to make their place on the final, and the team that has won the match has won the final position.

When the lost team gets another chance to make its place in the final and the team plays with the team won against the third, third and fourth number teams. And the team who wins second qualifier plays the final match.

So every IPL team tries to hit the top two, so that he gets a second chance to win the final spot if he loses.

IPL Auction

The Auction happening in IPL can win three ways of players, one of which is the auction, another is the trading window (one team will exchange players with another team) and third is the replacement sign for missing players.

Auction process

It is auction every year in the IPL. In this auction, every franchisee team owners participate and bid to acquire their favorite players.

For each player a base prize is fixed and the bid above the base prize is franchised by the franchisee. The franchisee who bids higher prices gets the player.

Every franchisee can purchase their 3 players right before an auction and franchisee also has the power to use ‘right to match.

 How do you players Retain

Retain can retain the maximum three players of your team in your own team before the induction of any franchising oxan? This does not result in an auction for the retain players during the oxan.

The price of the retired players?

The franchisee retains three players,

Them one on one step price for the player. Rs 15 crores for the first player, R’s 11 crores for the second and R’s seven for the third player. Out of the money that is set to oxon, the franchisee depreciates 33 crore rupees.

If the franchisee retakes his two players,

They have to price gradually for those players. Out of the R’s 12.5 crores for the first player and R’s 8.5 Crore for the second player, the franchisee depreciates 21 core rupees from the amount set out for oxon.

If the franchisee retires to one of its players,

He would have to pay R’s 12.5 crores for that player. After which this amount is deducted from the amount set for oxan.

What is right to match.

if a franchisee does not recreate one of his players and buys another franchise. So to make that player a part of the team from back, the franchisee can access this card after the auction is over.

The player then moves back to his old franchisee. The player ‘s franchisee team has to pay just as much money to include it in his team as it is purchased by the other franchisee.

Write to match rules (right to match card rules),

A franchisee retires to 3 players, so according to rules, he can use the ‘write to match’ card only twice.

If the franchisee retained two or one of his team ‘s players, they can use the card three under the rules.

The Indian premier league seasons have completed 12 seasons until the 13th season is over and the winners of the previous 12 seasons are listed below.

Awards given under IPL ( IPL awards)

He have given to players every season of the ipl with a variety of awards, two out of which are awards, orange and purple caps. Orange caps have been made for batsmen and purple caps for bowlers.

To whom the orange cup (orange cap)

Holds the highest runs in the IPL season, and when the final match is over, the cap goes to the batsman who has the highest runs in the season.

To whom the purple cap (purple cap).

purple cap is awarded to the bowler who gets the highest wicket during the IPL season and as such the cap gets over the bowler who gets the highest batsman out in that season.

The prize money paid to the winning team ( prize money )

Varies from season to season and the team that wins the league this year will receive R’s 20 crores. 12.5 crore is fixed for the next coming team, the sum is 8.75 crore for the third and fourth position of the team.

The popularity of IPL

It is not just limited to India and the league is widely prevalent in other countries. In Asia, the Middle East, Britain, Australia and the us, the ipl viewship is very high.

The IPL season of 2017 witnessed a 40-percent rise in comparison to the year 2016. Which had become the most famous previous season in the IPL. It is expected that this year ‘s IPL season will receive more than 2017 viewership.

Because this year’s opening match has been viewed by the highest audience. I pali ‘s fame can be guessed from the fact that IPL is one of the most expensive games in the world and the league gains crores of rupees every year. Wear this game it.

Not limited to v, but even online viewing and online viewing of the viewership falls in millions, and the IPL base website on its first weekend of the league of 2018 has more than 3.5 million hits.

It has so far been spotted by the 82.4 million viewers through the hotstar, which is more than 76% over the last year.

How the IPL team owner make money

The owners of the world ‘s most expensive sports teams, make money by five ways, which are the following:

Prize money

it is offered as a reward to the top four teams at the end of the IPL season, which go to the owners of the team. Each year the amount under IPL increases and the winning team receives crores of rupees every year.

Brand value

owners of the ipl team purchase the most popular players every year to increase their brand value. Because as the value of the team increases, the team gets a lot better investors.


the owner of the Indian premier league earns money through sponsor and sponsors’ income is the real source of team earnings. You may have seen ipl teams’ names written by companies on the player jersey.

Through Stamps Ticket

the IPL is also the other major source of income for franchisees. In which team the domestic field is played. The tickets purchased by the viewers go to the owners of the team to watch that match.

With the success of the increased number of peoples.

IPL, India’ s identity has increased all over the world. It is because of the IPL that India ‘s name is one of the most famous league in the world of sports.

Cricketers all over the world want to be a part of India ‘s cricket league. Due to which, India has become one of the most populous in cricketers’ business.

Advantages of the IPL

it is the IPL that enables young players of India to share their skills and at present the most promising young players in our country are playing and learning much from the players in their own country and in other countries.

The country’s economy benefits.

The country ‘s economy benefits from the ipl, which has many advantages, for example, that our country’ s economy is growing and people from other countries are coming to India to watch the sports that promote our tourism.

With the success of the IPL, league groups like kabbadi, football and badminton have also been started in our country, encouraging the games in India.

 the pride of the IPL.

Will put the players of our country at rest. Which makes them fail to perform well in international games.

The controversy connected with the IPL.

IPL was fixed during the year 2013 league, at which two teams were banned and the team was chennai super Kings and rajasthan royals. Apart from these teams, a number of players were hired to participate in the league. Even though the bain-hit teams have made a comeback in the league of 2018.

In 2013, the franchisee team from pune warriors India owners had given up their franchises for the purpose. As the fee of franchising was not paid by the owners of this team.

Lalit modi, the biggest of the hands after starting his IPL, was the head of the IPL. However, being involved in betting and money laundering, modi was thrown out of his IPL and is currently living in another country.

Other facts about IPL

are a player ‘s contract term of one year, but the franchisee may extend his contract for two years if he wants. An ipl team has 18 to 25 players, with a maximum of 8 foreign players holding one team. Deccan chargers, gujarat lions, kochi tuckers, kerala, pune warriors India and the ruling pune sup efficient a used to be one of the IPL teams at a time, but now they are not part of the IPL.

The vivo company has launched the title sponsor for about R’s 439.8 crore and vivo was given the title sponsor for 5 years, say 2018 to year 2022. IPL matches are telecast in 18 countries around the world, while the hotstar has the right to broadcast IPL over the Internet. The IPL governing council is responsible for all the functions of the tournament and is the member of the council as member rajeev shukla, ajay shriki, sourav ganguly, anurag thakur and aniruddha chaudhary.

No Pakistan players have any right to share in IPL. Even though when the ipl started, many teams played Pakistan players. But later, the players of this country were banned to be raised in ipl.

But they have gradually become very popular all over the world, including India, and the future of the league is a glorious one.



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