How Was played in Ice hockey..Rules. Defination, and other information

Ice hockey is a game played on ice which is a form of hockey game. The rival skaters try to use stick – round, ice hockey is the most popular of Canada, central and eastern Europe, Nordic countries. ( Russia and the United States). The international ice hockey federation oversees and organized programs related to ice hockey. Ice hockey is an official national winter game of Canada. Ice hockey is one of the major sports in winter Olympic Games.

The game of ice hockey over ice.

This sport is played with a skate-shaped skate-sheet of ice. Initially played on the ice field created by nature, but the latest icy renk of nature has already started in Canada. Its rules have also originated in Canada. Countries like France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Belgium made a significant contribution to the development of the game.

The game is most exciting and intelligent, but it has certain limitations. It cannot be played in all countries of the world. It is nevertheless played with great enthusiasm in countries like America, Canada, Great Britain, Czechoslovakia and Sweden.

The first match organization of ice hockey?

Ice hockey tournament has been organised in Olympic Games since 1920. The men ‘s tournament was introduced in the summer Olympics of 1920 and was shifted to the permanently winter Olympic Games programme in France in 1924. The women tournament was first held in the winter Olympics of the year 1998. The Olympic Games were originally meant for amateur athletes. However, the advent of state – sponsored “full – time amateur athlete”. From eastern block countries undermined the idea of pure amateur as it brought the self – financed amateurs to a disadvantage from western countries. The Soviet union entered teams of all athletes, all not-fellow students, soldiers or professions. Many of them actually paid into reality by the state for full – time training, But, ioc followed traditional rules of harmonics up to 1988.

History of ice hockey.

In the men’s tournament, Canada was the most successful team in the first three decades of which seven gold MEDALS won. Czechoslovakia, Sweden and the United States were also competitive during this period and won many MEDALS. Between 1920 and 1968, the Olympic hockey tournament was counted as an ice hockey world championship that year. The Soviet union first participated in 1956 and Canada as the premier international team, in which he won nine to seven tournaments in which he participated.


The United States won the gold medal in 1960 and 1980, including the Soviet union ‘s inadequate “snow on marvel”. Canada won 50 years of gold without a win in 2002, followed by a back-to-back winning in 2010 and 2014. To win gold, other nations have the United Nations of Great Britain in 1992, the unified team in 1994. Sweden and 2006 and 1998 in the czechock republic. Other medalist countries include Switzerland, Germany, Finland and Russia.


In 1986, the international Olympic committee (ioc) voted to allow professional athletes to compete with the Olympic Games that began in 1988. The national hockey league (NHL) was initially not allowing its players to compete. Because the Olympic was held in the middle of the NHL season and the league may have been participated by many players. However, the NHL players were allowed to compete to start in 1998. The format of the tournament was adjusted to accommodate the NHL program.; A preliminary round was played without the NHL players or the top six teams – Canada, Republic, Finland, Russia, Sweden and the United States.  After which they were included in the last round. The tournament format was changed again in 2006; Every team played five preliminary games with full use of NHL players.


In 1992, ioc voted to accept women’s hockey as an Olympic event. This was the first time held in the winter Olympics of nagaland. The nagano organizing committee was not hesitant to include this event because of the additional cost of the performance of the tournament. But there was an agreement which would limit the area to six teams and ensured that no additional facilities would be created. Canada and American teams dominate the event, typically only loses for one another. The United States won the first tournament in 1998. Canada has been won on two days.

Items of  ice hockey.

Each team is allowed between 15 and 20 skaters (further and disinfenman) two or three talkers, all of which must be citizens of the country to play.

A condition of NHL participation in Olympics is that tournaments include regular NHL referees and linemen. Despite the fact that they are American or Canadian, and thus act out the notion of state – of – the – art or Canadian biases.

How is ice hockey.

The sports field is divided into three parts: defensive, neutral, and attacking area. To start the game, the referee calls the face off and immediately drops the puck at the center. Both teams stand face to face at that time. He adds to the goal of rounding it to all his partners. It can be given any direction forward or backward. No objector player in the attacking field can go any further than the puck. In the event of breach, the ‘face of’ is called the ‘face of’.

The game is played in three phases of 20-20 minutes. 10 minutes rest between each innings. Over time the team gets more scores. He is called the winner. Sometimes, if the game does not come out at the end of the third innings. Then an extra 10 minute time is offered by a five – minute  “rotten death” “under the end of the third innings”. The team which makes the rounds first is called victorious.

Size & shape of rink (playground) ice hockey game field.

The surface on which this game is played is called rink. The rink is an oblong, snow – covered ground. The rink has an oblong, 20-feet width on either side and stands. The ends of the rink with a rounded width of 6 feet in height, 4 feet in height. The rink front is divided into three parts: a defensive, second neutral, and third offensive area.

How is goal in ice hockey.

The goal is the same as a simple hockey game. Each team consistently tries to put the puck into the goal of the opposing team, and the opposing team makes the goal stop. If the goal is scored, the attacking team is given a score. The crease portion is only for the use of the goalkeeper.

Team is Ice Hockey

The play is played between two teams: each team has 6 players in the international rules and that position in the field is as follows:.  1. The goalkeeper, also called the round tender.

2. Protective player

3. the Protective player

4. being Advance player

5. Advance player 6 there is also a provision for 7 players to play in each team.

Number one point three.

  1. Corner number four.
  2. Right wing of Left side (left wing).
  3.  Centre.

Procedure for Goal in Ice Hockey.

The goal is the same as a simple hockey game. Each team consistently tries to put the puck into the goal of the opposing team, and the opposing team makes the goal stop. If the goal is scored, the attacking team is given a score. The crease portion is only for the use of the goalkeeper.

What is Pak in Ice Hockey?

In the same way as the ball is used in ice hockey, a disc is used in ice hockey. This disc is called cook. The thickness of the puck is 1 inch, 3 inches and 6 ounces. It is made with a special rubber. Each player USES a hockey stick to put the puck into the opposing ball and try to stop it.

Size of Ice Hockey Stick.

The hockey stick is usually made from one end at a 45-inch Angle with a blade. A stick of 5 to 6 inches is normally used. The hockey shaft is 52 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. The blade varies from 14.75 inches to 2.5 inches in length.




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