History of crickets, the cricket of india rules and playing.

History of Cricket.

History of cricket. In early 17th century it was known as children’s play. Later, participate of adults also started increasing. In the beginning, cricket  was played on sheep pasture on         its edge. At the time a wool ball and stick       or hook. And other agricultural implements  in the form of bat and stool or tree stumps  were the basic tool of  the game.

The history of the games dates back to      the 16 century, according to fact and  figures. Them people used to play   matched to   amuse  themselves. It was believed that in England people use to go out of the city earlier for restive  purposes.

One more point to be noted  is that the beginning of cricket was over where the British ruled. By this time, cricket was started in India, North America and West Indies. but first definite reference is  available in 18th century. In 1709, he played cricket by Willam Biard in his James river estate of the British Dominium of the Virginia of  time. This is the earliest mention of the cricket being played in the New World.

When East India company playing the cricket in india ?

In 1721, there is the news of the East India company. English boatman playing  cricket in the combat near baroda and this  the earliest reference to cricket in India. In India and subsequently in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, cricket was started established through the East India company.  The first international cricket match was the played after 1844, though the international test cricket start in 1877. At that time this game was played in England which is know played professionally in most of the commonwealth countries.

Based on the number of over thrown by   each team, there are many types of cricket like   T20 match (20 overs), one day  match (50 overs), test cricket ( totally over). Test cricket is the oldest format of cricket. It is played from 5 days. First playing team was the fixed by prices of coin. In the event of    the whole team getting out, the second   team  comes down to bat. Then the two team play  in inning one after the other.

That is, it’s provides every time with two      shirt. The team that has the highest run       till 5th days  is considered in victories. In     the event of the runs is equal to the stipulated time, the match is considered        to be a draw. Is the playing team it does      not get out by the end of 5th days, and         the runs are still less than the other team.  The match is considered to be a draw.       Even when the match is inter rupted in bad weather, the game is considered a draw.    And no team is declared as the winner.

Bcci in india.

Is the way, this team is played within number of special team and conditions like the rest of the game. International  cricket council control and regulated it. Besides, they have their own cricket board for team from  difficult countries. In India, the BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket of India) moniter of Cricket. In this games, every  4 years, one day cricket World Cup  and every two years T20 Cricket World Cup compitition are organised.  Moreover difference of bilateral series, triangular series, Asia cup, Champions trophy, etc;.

Where did the world cricket  come from ?

History of cricket .In the early day of 1598, cricket was called Creckett. It is sad to be derived from the Crick  of the Dutch, meaning a stick or Crick of the  Oldest English, the crutches,or stick. Apart from this, In the English language  dictionary of Samuel Johnson. He had told  the origins of cricket by Saxon, the stick. In history, cricket is also known as the middle Dutch, world     cricketsole which mean a tall light stool to kneel to the Church. It was similar in size to the stump wicket used in early cricket.

The Cricket of India

The national cricket team ( Indian cricket team), also known as team india and man is blue,  government by the Indian  cricket Control Board, the BCCI. India is the member of the Intarnational cricket council ( ICC) with test, one day, and T20 international. Indian cricket team first test match was played by Indian cricket team     on 26 June 1932 and was the sixth team     to get test cricket status. While india played  in first match one day headingley against England on 13 July 1974 in leaders. In his first five years international crickets. india was one of the week team, during which he won only 35 out and 196 test matches  that he played. India had to  wait for about 20 years  to go for her first test victory since 1932.


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