Christiano Ronaldo history.Personal information, Record , football careers,

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano ronaldo is a real father with a football game and he is a quite a soccer player. Born in a poor family, cristiano had started playing football at a very early age. And had been selected at the age of only 18 in the international football team. Within a very short time, cristiano had managed to win a place in the hearts of the people through  game.  Now, become one of the most famous players in the world. In terms of income, cristiano is far. Ahead of the rest of the world ‘s players and is ranked among the first in the world’ s richest. But to reach this height, cristiano has done a lot of struggl in his life.

Cristiano ronaldo was born and family.

Cristiano ronaldo was born in Portugal on five February 1985. His father ‘s name is jose Dennis achiro who worked as a gardener in the municipality. His mother ‘s name is maria dalor’ s DOS santosh abviro who went home and used to cook food. Ronaldo family has one brother and two sisters besides his parents and is the youngest of his siblings.

Ronaldo has four total children out of which the eldest son is called cristiano ronaldo junior. His son was born on the 17th of June, 2010. However, ronaldo has never revealed what his son ‘s mother was.

The names of other children of ronaldo are mateo, Eva maria and alana martinez. On 8th June 2017, however, mateo and Eva maria  the twins of ronaldo who were born of a surrogacy. His daughter alana martinez was born on November 12, 2017. His daughter ‘s mother is the daughter of her present.

Ronaldo ‘s education.

  1. (Education) has never achieved any type of education when born in a simple family.
  2. When ronaldo was 14 he is said to have thrown a chair on a teacher of his school. he was expelled from school because he did so.
  3. While ronaldo was very fond of playing football right from  childhood and he wanted to make his career in this game. His had left his studies midway. His mother supported ronaldo in his decision to quit his studies.
  4. Cristiano ronaldo is named after his father as the President of the us. Indeed, the US President Ronald Reagan used to be  actor and he was a big fan of christiano ‘s father. Therefore, when cristiano ronaldo was born, his father named him after his favorite man. Ronaldo was born in a very poor family and in an interview. He had to explain how he lived in very small house and had to share  room with  brother and sister.
  5. When ronaldo told his family about becoming a footballer, his mother supported him when he dreamt about becoming a footballer. And today, because of his mother ‘s sport, ronaldo has become  best footballer. Ronaldo was childhood prone to racing heart disease and he had learnt to play football when he was 14 years old. The disease made it impossible for ronaldo to play football. It is only because the heart beats more rapidly when it is hit and the more jumping is fatal.

Ronaldo’s career

At the age of 16, ronaldo became part of Portugal ‘s sporting  club. Was happy with his sport and was promoted by the manager of the young sporting team. Within a year, ronaldo had started playing for the club ‘s under16 team under18, under18, b and fast team, thus becoming the first player to have grown so far within a year.

From this club itself he played his first primeira liga match in 2002 and this match was played against the morerance football club. He had also scored two goals in this match.

In this match, cristiano played so well that many football clubs were attracted to them and most football clubs were trying to make them part of their team. During this period, there was a match between the sporting club and the team of the Manchester united football club.

The sporting club team won an 3-1 round of the match and in the match the cristiano alone had scored two goals. After this match, the Manchester united football club had decided to take cristiano in its team.

After watching the cristiano match in 2003, Sir Alex fergujan, who was one of the greatest football managers, wanted to play a football match on behalf of cristiano England and be a part of the Manchester united football club.

Apart from Sir Alex ferguson, reo Ferdinand, the great football player of England, also wanted to see ronaldo as his teammate.

Manchester United Football Club)

In 2003, the Manchester united football club purchased cristiano from a sporting club. the cost of £24 and the price paid by the Manchester united football club was high enough to make the cristiano a part of its club. With the latter being a part of the Manchester united football club, he was given a variety of trainings. And with the help of these training the cristiano managed to further improve its play.

Cristiano had the chance to play fa cup -lrb – fa cup -rrb – on behalf of Manchester united football club in 2004. And in this cup christiano played very well to help his team win the match. Cristiano had scored three goals in the 2004 final match, while cristiano had scored 26 goals by 2006.

The Manchester united football club had further increased its contract because of the high performance of cristiano. And this time it was bought at £31 million. After growing the contract, cristiano had scored a total of 42 goals playing on behalf  this club and  helped his team win three premier league trophies.

Interesting things related to cristiano ronaldo.

No body tattoo has been erected by cristiano. Because in most countries, the average percentage of people who have tattoos on their bodies is a first check – up before donating blood. This is done because the tattoo is more likely to be associated with blood infections.

Cristiano ‘s mother used to cry out to him as a cry – baby when he was not brought near  his colleagues while he was playing football. Cristiano spends much time with his children and often brings his eldest son to many awards for himself.

The value of the cristiano can be judged from the fact that they earn up to  eight crore in 45 hours. The identity of cristiano is not confined to one player and is well known for its social functions. Cristiano has also donated money to help people from time to time and has appealed to the people to improve the plight of the country.

At the same time, they are always devoted to their game and try to win every match for the team. Other links – life introduction of footballer nemar life introduction of Lionel messi life introduction of kuldeep yadav life introduction of nitish rana.

The controversy over the 30th birthday.

Cristiano ‘s team lost a match on his 30th birthday, but even after losing the match. the cristiano had celebrated his birthday with much fancism and his fans had become very annoyed with them.

Social Worker

Cristiano ronaldo is a social worker apart from being a successful player. They are also attached to a variety of social services and from time to time to charity. Cristanios donate blood every year and they encourage people to donate blood. In 2012, cristiano had auctioned the golden boot award to meet him and made a school in gaza with the money he received from the auction. They have always been willing to help people and have spent the entire cost of a nine – year – old child cancer.

Knowledge about the game of cristiano ronaldo .

Cristiano ronaldo is one of the world ‘s most famus footballer players who have so far scored a total of 654 goals in their career. When cristiano jumps to hit the ball, he may use more than a cheetah power to jump the ball.

While hitting the free kick, cristiano runs at a speed of 130 km per hour, which is a fairly high speed. Cristiano with its head cut out a total of 107 goals, 65 of which are played on behalf of real Madrid. When he started playing football, he had gained some weight. Because he was a low weight, he could not keep pace with his soccer.

Record made by cristiano Ronaldo

The award football is the highest award in the world. The award has been won by cristiano five times and at the same time cristiano is the only player. Who has won the award five times. Winning the world soccer player of the year award five times is also a record named cristiano. Cristiano is also the first footballer to have scored 40 rounds in two consecutive sessions of the professional league. The cristiano has scored 50 goals in the top 5 leagues and it is difficult to break the record.


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