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Highlysports has been covering the real lifestyle, sports history, football history  and general country updates in trend, of clubs since past old years.

Being online allows us to be more up-to-date with what is going on in the world of sports star and helps us bring it to you on a more intimate level.

Operating an online platform and being digital helps us in being more up-to-date in the life of sportsman. It is also beneficial to us in increasing the readership and build friendly relation with the consumer.

We make sure that the uploaded clicks helps you in knowing the life they live, the kind of work they do, team clothes they love to carry on them, locations they visit to, etc.


We bring you informed and insightful analysis on all the latest indian sports and other country sports as well as Cricket and other sports related stuff.

We bring the hot gossips trendy between the club’s, from their next playing match  location to their vacation iteneries, the food they like or dislike.

Our questions to carry an insider’s edge and their answers are witty, candid and intriguing. You’ll get to know about their playing, experince, their rants, their causes as well as their desires and fantasies.